lorant and margit

Lorant and Margit Trompler


In 1956, Lorant and Margit Trompler emigrated from Hungary to the U.S. as the Communist Revolution took hold. They made their way into Austria and eventually settled in Wisconsin, where the Tromplers had family members. They brought only the clothes on their backs, hope for the future and determination to succeed.

Lorant began working with a German-speaking tool and die maker, and would bring home scrap metal that he bought or was given. He would later use the scrap as raw material to start his own shop.

In 1967, he and Margit started The Trompler Company. He worked on his own, building Trompler’s reputation as a quality machine shop. As the company grew, Lorant added staff. In 1991, his daughter Christina took over as president and oversaw a period of rapid expansion for the small shop. They added machinery and clients and developed an aggressive strategy for the future.

Neosho Custom Tool

Neosho Custom Tool, Inc. was started in a garage in June 1979 and continued its growth over the next few decades. Jerry Emmerich purchased the company in 1994. He oversaw a period of steady growth and serviced numerous customers.

Jerry Emmerich and Christina Trompler met in 1995 as competitors within the industry. They became friends and as they got to know each other, they developed a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s business. As the friendship deepened, Christina and Jerry married in 1999.

Neosho Trompler Inc.

In 2000, Trompler Inc. and Neosho Custom Tool merged to become Neosho Trompler Incorporated (NTI). Today, it is one of the largest production machine shops of its kind in our area, with the goal of providing the very best machined products to our customers. Yet for all of our growth and modernization, we remain a family-owned business. We tend to details, emphasize quality, and offer superior value at a fair price. Our family came to America for a better life. We have succeeded by serving American Industry in a better way.