iStock_000017832299MediumA basic description of our machines is noted in the table below.  If our existing machines are not capable of meeting our customer’s needs we will make the necessary investments to fulfill their requirements.  For a more detailed look, please download the full list from the link below.

PDF of Detailed Machine List

Number of Machines, Description, Part Size Upper Limit
12, CNC Horizontal Machining Centers w. Pallet Changers, 31.5" Travels

10, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, 58"x28"x24" Travels

2, CNC Vertical Turning Centers, 24" Dia. x 26" Turn Length

19, CNC Turning Centers, 24" Chucks - 100" Turning Length - 24" Turning Dia.

4, Automatic Production Saws, 18" Dia.

12, Various CNC and Manual Tools, Various