At NTI, our customer service is as important to our business as our quality machined products are.  Our services include quoting, new product  development with design for manufacturability assistance, on-site  support, Lean Manufacturing services of JIT, Kanban, Product to Order,  EDI, Bar Coding, CAD/CAM using Esprit, SolidWorks & ProE, & ERP  Software functionality using JobBOSS Software. 

We also have in house fixture design capabilities.   We are a global source for machining, prototyping and specialty manufacturing in a wide variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastics.

Our organization provides value to various types  of materials through precision machining of customer-designed  components. We have established a qualified supplier base that provides  coatings and heat treatment within our manufacturing process where  required.

Our internal services include sawing, turning and  machining (milling, drilling and tapping) using manual and CNC machine  tools for purchased castings, forgings and raw bar stock. We can  also provide sub-assembly when applicable to component-part processing.