Machine List

iStock_000017832299MediumA basic description of our machines is noted in the table below.¬† If our existing machines are not capable of meeting our customer’s needs we will make the necessary investments to fulfill their requirements.¬† For more detailed machine listings, please email

Number of Machines Description Part Size Upper Limit
12 CNC Horizontal Machining Centers w. Pallet Changers 31.5" Travels
7 CNC Vertical Machining Centers 58"x28"x24" Travels
3 CNC Vertical Turning Centers 43.3" Dia. x 38.2" Turn Length
18 CNC Turning Centers 35" Chucks - 100" Turning Length - 35" Turning Dia.
3 Automatic Production Saws 18" Dia.
12 Various CNC and Manual Tools  Various